When you have unexpected visitors throughout the day, unfortunately, they might be thinking “she’s at home all day, why is her house a mess?” I’m a WAHM, so I know the feeling. Just because I’m home all day long (and both of my kids are in school full-time), it doesn’t mean I just clean all day! And I don’t want to! I do have work that needs to get done throughout the day, too!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean house. And I do consider my house cleaner than a lot of people’s houses that I visit. I’m not trying to brag, but it’s the truth. But it wasn’t always clean, it took a lot of determination to keep it clean on my part.

The number one key that I have found in keeping my house clean is… set a cleaning schedule! It sounds so simple, right? And it works.

Here is my cleaning schedule:

Monday – this is my cleaning off day. I’m usually catching up on emails and returning business phone calls that I neglected over the weekend.

Tuesday – this is my floor day. I wash all my tile floors throughout the entire house and vacuum all of the carpeting and rugs.

Wednesday – this is dusting/Windex day. Also, I clean all 3 of my bathrooms (toilets/sink only today).

Thursday – catch up on laundry day (doing all the extra, “weird” stuff that doesn’t get washed on a daily basis.

Friday – disinfectant day (wiping down the counters, doorknobs, light-switches, etc).

Saturday – Clean the 2 most used bathrooms really good today (toilets/sink/showers).

Now, all of that might seem like a lot. But, honestly, none of these chores take me longer than 30 minutes to complete for that day. I admit I do have OCD, and in addition to those, I do have daily things that I do. For example, every day I sweep the kitchen and living room floors, wipe down the kitchen, and do 1 load of laundry.

A clean house might be a sign of a wasted life to some. But, my husband and I work hard for our nice house (which is definitely not a mansion, but we love it as if it were!) and we take pride in our house. I say, a clean house is a sign of an organized life. And I like an organized life for sure.